Our computers, ourselves: digital vs. biological security

People often wonder how computer and biological viruses are the same. We compare the two, and what our computers and bodies do to fight them—it’s digital vs. biological security.

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It’s been 15 years since the infamous ILOVEYOU (Love Letter) email virus, but despite the warnings, billions of dollars in damages, and countless attacks attributed to email, users have yet to learn the dangers of downloading unsolicited attachments.

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Virus or Malware

Viruses come in many shapes and flavors, but not every malware is a virus.

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PSA: Tech Support Scams Pop-Ups on the Rise

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued a public service announcement warning about a “new twist to the telephone tech support scam”. This new type of scam goes beyond the social engineering aspect and threatens users with actual malware. Find out what this scam is about and most importantly how to stop and/or avoid it.

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Chameleon WiFi Virus Spreads Like a Cold

Chameleon WiFi virus silently infects access points.

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