Malvertising on iOS pushes eyebrow-raising VPN app

A malvertising campaign on iOS is pushing a scareware page tricking Apple users into installing a free VPN app that comes with serious privacy implications.

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How to secure your remote workers

Remote workers are often the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity defenses. Find out how your company can protect its network and remote employees from threats.

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Who’s Behind Your Proxy? Uncovering Bunitu’s Secrets

Is your VPN really safe? Bunitu infected PCs serve as free exit nodes.

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Fake VPN Site Serves Up Keylogger

A site claiming to offer VPN services could potentially result in keyloggers being placed on the PC.

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Anonymizing Traffic for your VM And Capturing Traffic

Security Level: High / Hardcore Purpose: To hide who you are while performing research through your browser AND protecting your host system from drive-by download attacks AND being able to perform dynamic malware analysis and capture malicious traffic moving between the malware and the C&C. (Whew, that’s a lot of ANDs. =D) Benefits: Hide your…

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