Malvertising Found on Dating Site Match[dot]com

Another dating site suffers from a malvertising attack that loads the Angler exploit kit.

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My Conversations with Cybersecurity Influencers

Today, we’re excited to be launching our thought leadership series entitled “Marcin’s Soundbytes.” A series where you’ll see me interview some of the savviest professionals in cybersecurity.

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New Firefox Zero-Day: Patch Now! (UPDATED)

A new zero-day for the popular Firefox browser affects Windows Linux and Mac users.

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Chinese Actors Copy and Paste HackingTeam Zero-Days in Site Hack

The old copy and paste still works well, even for exploit copycats.

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DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE exploit found in the wild

Last month, Stefan Esser blogged about a zero-day vulnerability in OS X, without having informed Apple about the problem first. Unfortunately, today has brought the discovery of the first known exploit.

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