A closer look at a tech support screen locker

As a demonstration of how Tech Support Scammers operate and try to lure victims into calling their number, we show you some snippets of the code, explaining what they’re up to.

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iPad error? Windows fakeout

This bogus error site can’t decide if Windows or an iPad is at risk. Given the URL, you’d expect to see some sort of iPad related shenanigans taking place – an interesting twist on the well worn theme of tech support scams.

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Windows AppLocker: An Introduction

We looked briefly at the possibilities that Windows AppLocker provides. Discussing the options and the short-comings, hoping to give you an idea whether it can be of use to you. Also we provided a step-by-step example on how to create and use a rule.

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Free Youtube Downloader PUP is just another tech support scam

We looked at another Tech Support Scam. This one uses a fake Windows Activation form to lure the user into calling their number.

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Regaining Control Over Edge

Getting stuck in a loop is no fun especially when it makes your browser unusable. Microsoft Edge has a bigger chance of that happening due to its default settings.

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