Facebook spammers making things worse

Adding to Facebook’s burden are two spam campaigns. One is aimed at Finnish users and the other was quickly terminated, but we expect both to resurface in one form or another.

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More Replica Automated Mails Lead to Fake Pharma

Following a fake YouTube notification spam we wrote about are similar campaigns that now target Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype users.

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Replica YouTube Automated Mails Lead to Fake Pharma

Fake online pharmacies may not be as hot news as government-backed advance malware; however, they could be seen as a persistent threat.

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Malvertising Via Google AdWords Leads to Fake BSOD

Tech support scammers launch the infamous fake Blue Screen Of Death via a Google AdWords malvertising campaign.

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Scammers Exploit Alton Towers Crash with Fake YouTube Video

Scammers latch onto the recent Alton Towers roller coaster crash with a fake video / survey sign-up combination.

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