Anonymizing VM Traffic (Introduction)

WARNING: The information included in this tutorial could be used for malicious purposes in the wrong hands, please expect to be yelled at by people who think you are a bad guy if you start talking about this or asking questions. Also, please use responsibly.

Hello everyone! Today I am going to give a detailed tutorial on how to make the traffic originating from your Analysis VM completely anonymous! I spent a lot of time searching the nets for comprehensive explanations on how to accomplish this goal for the novice Linux user with non-expert level knowledge of networking; unfortunately I found nothing but little bits and pieces here and there so I decided to compile it all in one neat tutorial!

First things first though, I need to tell you why it is so important to keep yourself anonymous when dealing with malware and in general when performing research. Here are a few reasons:

I think those are enough reasons to make you crap your pants every time you decide to poke around at a known C&C (Command and Control) server without hiding yourself. ^_^

This tutorial is split into sections! (YAY!) The sections are:

Each section gives a tutorial, tips and technical explanations of ways to make your traffic anonymous at various levels, meaning how hardcore and secure do you want to be?

NOTE: None of these methods are capable of Anonymizing UDP packets, only TCP. Sorry =/